A Statement

—by the American Anglican Council and the Anglican Communion Network

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News: February 24, 2005 For Immediate Release

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A Statement by the American Anglican Council and the Anglican Communion Network. "We are thankful for the work of the Primates of the Anglican Communion in addressing the complicated issues before them this week. This is a pivotal moment in Anglican history in which Biblical faithfulness has been reaffirmed. At last a clear and unequivocal choice has been presented to the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada. Being asked voluntarily to withdraw, the two provinces have been effectively suspended from the Communion until at least July 2008 in order to consider their place within that body. They must choose between repentance marked by compliance with the Windsor Report or continued theological innovations that separate them from the teaching and life of the Anglican Communion. We applaud the pastoral sensitivity with which the Primates have addressed the concerns of those who feel betrayed by their church leadership as well as those of homosexual orientation." "Out of twenty-two paragraphs of the Communiqué, 15 focus on the Windsor Report, clearly indicating that the theological crisis faced by the Communion was the primates' central concern. The Communiqué gives hopeful evidence, however, that having dealt with this issue, the Communion can turn to critical matters such as developing effective strategies to address HIV AIDS, TB, malaria, absolute poverty and hunger reduction." "We will continue to pray for the Communion in this solemn period of transition as the church sorts out the various implications and ramifications of the Primates' 2005 Communiqué."