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Prayer for the Birth of a New Church

Pr. Jaynan Clark

September, 2009

On the occasion of the birth of the North American Lutheran Church, we at WordAlone Ministries would like to offer the following prayer to ask for God's blessing and providence:

photo of Jaynan Clark

Pr. Jaynan Clark

Gracious God, our Heavenly Father,

We give you thanks and praise that you raise up a variety of church bodies according to your will and purpose. We especially ask for your blessing on the new North American Lutheran Church, on its congregations, on its pastors, and on its leaders as it begins this month. We ask that you provide for its needs and guide it into the mission you intend. May it be a safe harbor for congregations seeking affiliation among those dedicated to preaching, teaching and confessing God's Word in truth and purity. Guide its new leaders as they give shape to a structure that organizes and supports member congregations in the work of the Great Commission given by Jesus: to make and teach disciples in the faith.

Father, we thank you for the faithful work of the many who have labored long and hard to respond to the leading of your Spirit to bring the North American Lutheran Church to this place of beginning. We ask according to your will and purpose that a spirit of cooperation will continue to grow among the organizations that are closely involved in the development of a new Lutheran landscape in North America and beyond. Of the many involved, we lift up Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, thanking you for your real presence in their midst, their unyielding focus on you, your mission and your Word. We pray that you will continue to bless them in their witness and work. We also bring before you the Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations, Lutheran CORE, and WordAlone Ministries. We ask you to unite us in your son, Jesus, so that we may serve you in this time of crisis among North American Lutherans. We pray that we may remain faithful to your Word and honor your intention for its Lutheran expression.

In the name of Jesus,