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The Word: It Is What It Does

Jaynan Clark

March, 2011

Photo of Pastor ClarkThe Bible is not a paper pope, it is a Living Word. It lives not because we give it life but because God has chosen to reveal Himself through it. He continues to be fully available, visible and transparent in His son Jesus Christ living on in the only apostolic succession that proceeds from the Word-the actual preaching and teaching of Him that "creates" faith and makes disciples. Delivering God over in the person of Jesus Christ into the hands of sinners so that He can have His way with them is the "life's work" of the Bible. The Bible has authority because it functions. It is authoritative because it "works." It does what it says and it says what it does. It "is what it is" and that is fitting as God reminds us, "And I Am who I Am!"

Many have tried to kill it, destroy it, tame it, revise it, denounce it, discredit it and "interpret it". It lives on. No interpreter can give it life or take it away. Those who claim to be able to stand over it and assign it authority if it fits with their understanding, circumstances or desires are merely theorists not theologians. Their actions are those of the "old Adam" declaring his independence, assuming authority and bellowing out in misplaced self importance. It is a First Commandment violation, declaring one's self "god"---an identity crisis of unearthly proportion! It leaves the sinner disconnected from the One authority in heaven and on earth and under the earth.

Recently in an attempt to begin addressing the "authority" questions that seem to plague folks in this post-enlightenment, post modern society, we hosted the first "Anchored in the Word" conference. While these will be very important and need to happen across this nation in order to help believers become defenders of their faith; the provability of the Bible's literary and historic authority will only address the sinner's rational and reasonable questions and possible fears ie "Is it true and verifiable?" While this is incredibly important in our current situation it does not "make disciples." While education is good and needed and an anti-intellectual approach can actually be an offense to the Gospel, it is not to replace the encounter with Jesus Himself that comes not in talking "about Him" but in talking to Him in prayer, delivering Him over in preaching/teaching in order for Him to be the Living Word He is.

Taking hold of you through His Word He reminds you that it was a life for a life on His cross. Sin forgiven, paid in full, results not from cheap but costly, free grace.

In all His authority Jesus calls you now to come and die... for then it will be what it will be---real life in Him alone, God's Living Word, who is what He does-Savior!