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Addition and Corrections —to Synod Assembly Reports

by Betsy Carlson (Editor, WordAlone Network)

Aug. 30, 2004

photo of Betsy CarlsonIn compiling reports from the various 2004 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America synod assemblies, the editor overlooked the fact that the Northeastern Iowa Synod Assembly passed "A Resolution Concerning Human Sexuality." By this resolution, the Northeastern Iowa Synod adopted a slightly amended version of the "Kansas City Statement" calling upon the ELCA not to make any changes "in the church's doctrine of marriage." The synod also memorialized the 2005 Churchwide Assembly to adopt this statement.

The assembly spent more than two hours in discussion and debate on this issue before it was approved 204 - yes, 156 - no, and 14 - abstentions. The assembly made a very strong statement in support of the traditional teaching of the church, according to Pastor Marshall E. Hahn, Marion and Norway Lutheran Churches, St. Olaf, Iowa, and secretary, NE Iowa Synod, ELCA.

We mistakenly reported action taken by that synod on the title “voting members” at synod assemblies. The assembly voted to adjust the synod constitution to change the term "delegates" to "voting members" to be in line with the terminology used by the ELCA.

Also in error, we called "Southwestern Minnesota Synod" a "Southwestern Iowa Synod" when we reported that this Minnesota synod approved a marriage and family resolution supporting marriage of one man and one woman. There is no such synod in Iowa.