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Five "D's" lead to a sixth
for the church

by John Beem (WordAlone board member)

December 30, 2004

Many pastors, some who are members of WordAlone (WA) Network and most of whom are not, express to me their deep concern for the ELCA with five words beginning with "D." These words capture so well the concerns of the WA Network as we seek renewal and reform of our denomination.

Distance — "The church seems out of touch with congregational concerns and needs..." "We can get along without much the denomination office has to offer."

Despair — "They don't listen to us, even as we speak through synodical assemblies." "Why even try?"

Distrust — "The church ignores constitutionally representative governance." "How can we get a hearing?"

Drift — "All too many decisions of the ELCA are based on experience and a spirit of tolerance." "What has become of Scripture-based decisions?" "Church unity is the mantra, not Scripture."

Division — "I have never seen so much division in our Church. There is a lot of uncomfortableness." One of my colleagues told me, "Division is leading to the sixth 'D,' namely a decline."

Another said, "Historically the church has never been strong unless a strong reform movement is taking place in the church."

WordAlone prayerfully seeks to be that renewal movement.