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Resolution from the LCMC Convention

from Pr. Steven King
via the Lutheran CORE Blog

October, 2009

The following resolution was presented to and adopted by the recent annual convention of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, expressing their openness to engage in conversations with like-minded Lutheran groups:

This resolution is submitted by the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) Board of Trustees and entered this 5th day of October, 2009 at the LCMC National Gathering at Atonement Lutheran Church, Fargo, North Dakota.


  1. Section 1.01 of the constitution of LCMC affirms that LCMC is an association of congregations;
  2. Section 6.01 of the constitution of LCMC states that “the national convention of congregational delegates shall be the legislative authority of LCMC;”
  3. Opportunity exists for conversation between LCMC and other Lutheran reform and renewal organizations.

Now therefore be it resolved, that the LCMC Board of Trustees be authorized to engage in conversation with other Lutheran reform and renewal organizations, including, but not limited to, The Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations, The WordAlone Network and Lutheran CORE, for the purpose of identifying commonality in mission and ministry.

Be it further resolved that any proposed agreements resulting from conversations with said groups be brought to the Annual Gathering of the association for consideration.

Posted by Pastor Steven King at 9:16 AM. 8 October 2009