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WordAlone Convention affirms Biblical stance on sexuality

Betsy Carlson (Editor, WordAlone Network)

April 28, 2004

With a unanimous voice vote, members called upon the WordAlone Network to “honor and uphold” Biblical teachings about sexual life and marriage. The decision was made Tuesday, April 28, in a closing business session of the annual WordAlone (WA) convention.

The members had spent two and a half days listening to pro and con discussions from Biblical, theological and psychological experts about the acceptability of homosexual lifestyles and whether or not to ordain non-celibate homosexuals as ministers or to bless homosexual relationships.

The WordAlone board had decided earlier to use the convention to present both sides of this highly controversial issue in an unbiased manner as a model for how the church can deliberate on difficult issues.

Proponents for ordaining practicing gays and lesbians and blessing their relationships acknowledged jokingly that they might be coming into the lions’ den but also expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to present their views and carry on a dialogue in an evenly balanced and respectful forum.

The resolution adopted at the close of the convention, “Concerning the Gift of Sexual Life and Its Divinely Created Structure,” is posted on the WordAlone web site at this link: