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WA to look for new ways to work
with Lutheran CORE and LCMC

by Steven King (WordAlone Network education director)

September 23, 2009

The WordAlone Network Board, in a conference call on Thurs., Sept. 17, expressed the Network’s commitment to work with its reform partners in Lutheran CORE and to work with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) following the convocation in Fishers, Indiana.

The WordAlone board approved two motions in its call. In the first, the board expressed its desire to continue to work as an integral and supportive part of Lutheran CORE, as it makes the transition from a “Coalition for Reform” to a “Coalition for Renewal” — by building on the positive relationship and mutual cooperation the two groups have shared over the past several years. The motion read as follows:

Recognizing Lutheran CORE's proposed implementing resolution four (see Paull Spring’s ept. 4th letter) to the Convocation in Fishers, Ind., resolved that the WordAlone Network establish a task force jointly with Lutheran CORE to discuss the future of both organizations and how they can work together; and ask for a report from the task force to the Lutheran CORE Steering Committee and WordAlone Network Board of Directors by March 31, 2010.

In the second motion, the Board offered its input and support to Lutheran CORE in the form of a “working proposal” for how WordAlone could assist in strengthening the connections among Lutheran CORE and LCMC, and the congregations and members associated with each. A brief abstract summary of the proposal read as follows:

The Board of the WordAlone Network offers for discussion a proposal to use its existing resources, staffing and partnerships to help create a new district within the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, called the “LCMC Central District.” This district would be designed to serve as a “landing area” for congregations leaving the ELCA, allowing those who are newly joining LCMC to remain connected with the partners in the larger movement toward the reform of Lutheranism in North America. This Central District would work respectfully in cooperation with other districts and congregations of LCMC, while at the same time maintaining relationships with individuals and chapters of the WordAlone Network, as well as with Lutheran CORE and other reform groups within the ELCA.

Approved for review as a “discussion draft” to solicit feedback from members of WordAlone, Lutheran CORE and LCMC, a six-page WordAlone proposal will be made available online following the Fishers Convocation. Watch for more information to come!