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Study ideas

—offered on confessional writings

by Prof. Mary Jane Haemig (WordAlone board member)

News: June 22, 2006

On June 25 Lutherans will mark the 476th anniversary of thepresentation of the Augsburg Confession. This is a time not only to remember the courage of the confessors at Augsburg but also to reflect upon the faith they confessed. Why not plan a study of one or more of the Lutheran confessional writings in your congregation during the next year?

One of these books may be helpful to you:

  • on the Augsburg Confession -- "The Augsburg Confession" by Leif Grane; on Luther's Catechisms
  • "That I May Be His Own: An Overview of Luther's Catechisms" by Charles Arand
  • "Living in the Kingdom: Reflections on Luther's Catechism" by Alvin Rogness
  • on the Formula of Concord -- "A Formula for Parish Practice: Using the Formula of Concord in Congregations" by Timothy Wengert.

For centuries Lutherans have held our confessions to be true and useful because they say what scripture says. Why not engage in serious study of at least one of our confessional documents?