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Just as we are busy—so is WordAlone

by Bill Walles (Pastor, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Marysville, WA, WordAlone board member)

September 27, 2002

With the busy September season having come upon churches, I’ll admit that I’ve felt more like an observer in the WordAlone (WA) movement than a doer as of late. There have been so many things to do at my own church, it’s been hard to focus on anything else. Sunday School was restarting, not to mention a new curriculum for Confirmation and for Wednesday Night Church. The building program was wrapping up, a stewardship drive was just around the bend. You know the song, you’ve probably sung it yourself these last few weeks, as well as many times before.

So, I have taken some time to just observe. And as I’ve done that, what particularly has been encouraging to me has been seeing the wide range of announcements, happenings and more that have come across from the WordAlone movement in this season. It’s almost as if my time away from personal action has allowed me to see what so many others have been doing.

  • A Second Exceptional (and I mean that in the best sense!) Ordination.
  • Announcements from the Theological Advisory Board, all names I know and truly respect, who are giving of their time and talents for this new reformation.
  • Announcements from the Marriage and Family Task Force on their work done and work to come.
  • Chapters are forming and bringing in speakers, individuals are writing letters.

The list goes on and on.

Some things I have read closely, others I simply have scanned and moved on. But then, I think that’s the point. WordAlone has grown. We have become a wide-ranging, fast-growing, still grass-roots organization that has allowed people to work on changing the church (ELCA and beyond) through whatever means fit their gifts. And if there weren’t a means available, the creative ones started something up to fit their gifts. What a healthy way to grow. What a healthy way to challenge an increasingly unhealthy structure. What a testimony to what WordAlone has become.

I have weathered my first September in a new church, and my feet are still underneath me. Now there are no more excuses. The questions are:

  • What will I do with and for WordAlone?
  • How will I use my gifts in an area of this reformation?
  • Will I devote my time and energy to one of the projects already moving, or perhaps even start my own?

A step back has caused me to want even more to step forward. Won’t you consider coming along for the ride?

Peace in Christ,

Bill Walles