Hang in there!

by Al Quie (WordAlone board member)

August 27, 2002

WordAlone members and supporters, hang in there! Meet with each other, learn how the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) functions!

A lot of what happens in the ELCA is determined by the organization rather than by the members, which isn't the way it should be. Lutherans must become more aware of what the church is doing organizationally and do something about it.

Number one, I believe that any change in the ELCA Churchwide constitution ought to be ratified by the church's synods rather than by the churchwide assembly. Likewise, changes in synod constitutions should be ratified by the synod's congregations.

And, finally, congregations' constitutions should be whatever the respective congregations desire so long as they are not contrary to the essence of Lutheranism in constitutions of the synod and churchwide body. 

Please keep meeting together. Get to know the uniqueness of the tenets of Lutheranism regarding justification by grace through faith and the priesthood of all believers and be mature and responsible congregations. Figure out ways to push for a greater voice on the part of congregations and members within synods. Find voting members who will engage and participate in the WordAlone Network.

Get organized!