How WordAlone Lutherans

—started a chapter in Alexandria, Minn

by John Beem (Treasurer, WordAlone Network)

November 12, 2002

Step 1: A small group was organized by four WordAlone (WA) members in April 2002 as an "interim/voluntary board" to establish start-up plans for a WA Chapter in the Alexandria area.

Step 2: A pastor and member of this interim board addressed the clergy of the area’s synod Conference. This was important since pastors’ misconceptions of WA's ministries were addressed and substantially put to rest.

Step 3: Three area awareness meetings were held. They were prefaced by a wide variety of public announcements in the press (including a feature story) and on TV and radio. Several church bulletins also carried the announcement (Step 2 proved helpful in this respect).

Step 4: The awareness meetings stressed:

  1. What is WordAlone?
  2. What are the goals of WA and what are the strategies to meet them?
  3. What is a chapter?

Informational handouts both handcrafted and from the WA office in New Brighton, Minn., were distributed at each meeting.

Step 5: Registration was taken at each meeting for those interested in joining the movement and their names became our mailing list.

Step 6: The interim board was given authority at the awareness meetings to establish a constitution and by-laws so that tax-exempt status could be secured. A copy is available from the WA Office.

Step 7: At the first annual meeting (to be held in January 2003) the constitution will be considered, officers elected and a plan of action with one-year and long range goals will be presented.

Step 8: Membership is open to all who affirm the goals of WA Network. They become members by choosing to keep their names on the chapter’s mailing list.

There will be a yet-to-be determined number of chapter meetings each year. At these meetings free will offerings will be received to offset modest operational expenses with excess funds sent to the WA Network office for WA ministries. A newsletter will be published.