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How to keep your bishop
from ruling

—an Eastern North Dakota-type resolution out of order at your synod assembly

by Pastor Tim Baglien (Comfrey, MN)

Date Unknown

I have three arguments to those who wish to try and rule an END synod type resolution out of order because they say it is unconstitutional.

1) The constitution itself cites first the scripture and then the confessions as the ultimate authorities for our church. It seems to me that any resolution that challenges the scriptural and confessional basis for a new amendment to the constitution should be in order on the basis of those authorities

2) The amended portions of the constitution that are referred to are not presently part of our constitution nor will they be until Episcopal church ratifies CCM. To declare a motion against those amendments unconstitutional before those amendments are actually in effect is like a traffic cop giving you a ticket for going 55 in a 55 mile an hour zone because he or she is just certain the state highway board is going to vote to make it a 45 mile an hour zone next month.

3) The National Church Council of the ELCA when it had the opportunity to declare the END synod resolution out of order or unconstitutional declined to do so. They expressed some objections to it but they did not say clearly it was out of order. If the Church Council declined to rule such a resolution unconstitutional where does any Bishop or Lowell Almen get their authority to declare it so?

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